Seaforth Wrapping Party April 2015

Thank you Seaforth community for supporting us.

Fun with the JoyRider

Healing Cycle Ride 2015 with Casey Cizikas

Thanks Casey,
You made our day!

Buttercup just sitting here SMILING!

Healing with Smiles - was founded to help bring hope to patients who are fighting a life-threatening illness. 
With the use of a big smile and our mascot "Buttercup" we travel to deliver our message of hope. 

Let us know of anyone who needs their spirits lifted. 

We always deliver our message of hope with a great big GRIN!

2 New Celebrity Sightings!

Check out our Two New Celebrity Sightings!

Click HERE to see who Buttercup has met!
HWS-KSA also has a page on Framing Edge's Website!

For more information, and updates you can see that page here