Smiley Day!

Smiley Day!

What do you call a hippo with hiccups?

A hiccupotomas!

What do you call a hippo who thinks she’s sick?

A hippochondriac.

What’s cool, Irish, and loves to splash in the river?

A hip O’Potamus.

Hippo-Mobile at Santa Claus Parade

There is no better way to start off Christmas than by going to see the Mississauga Santa Claus Parade. A signature event for the Village of Streetsville, attracting thousands eagerly awaiting Santa's arrival! This year you will see more floats, more costume characters, and more bands.

You will even see our Purple Hippo-Mobile with our Smiley Dancers.

So mark your calendars for Sunday, November 27th at 12:50 p.m.


SNAP South Mississauga came out to our Annual Wrapping Party last month and took some pictures!
We are featured in this month's issue of SNAP

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