Quote for the Day

Thank You Lorenzo and Judy Prete

We can't thank Judy and Lorenzo enough for introducing us to our Mustang convertible Hippo-Mobile.

It's been a dream come true for us.

We Want to Dance with Ellen DeGeneres!

Look At Our Wonderful Dancing Volunteers!

We want to give a Great BIG Thank You to Jacquelyn Challis who created this video for the foundation.

Ciaran with Lucy the Giraffe

Ciaran having a hug from Lucy the Giraffe at the 2010 Annual Wrapping Party.

Bernie our Healing Hippo

Bernie, our mascot, is all dressed up in his safari outfit at our annual hippo wrapping party 2010.
Doesn't he look dapper?

Danette welcomes all volunteers to our 2010 wrapping party.

Danette McClinchey is all dressed up and ready to spread smiles at our 2010 wrapping party.

Eva Horton Community Service Award

Eva Horton Community Service Award for 2010 was Awarded to
Colin Jackson and Caitlyn Ellis. Presented by Danette McClinchey and Donna Broadfoot

Thank you to Rita and Fatima for all your decorating expertise.

Our Annual Wrapping Party would not have looked so great without the fabulous ideas and support of Rita and Fatima.
Thank You

Thank YOU!

We just wanted to say another
BIG Thank You
to Richard for helping us with our Beautiful Hippo-Mobile!
It's already made lots of people smile!

Delivery of Hippo's to Seaforth Hospital

Thanks to all the volunteers for coming out Christmas morning and delivering hippos to the patients in the Seaforth Hospital.

Santa fundraised for KSA

We had a surprise visit from Santa on Christmas Eve at The Framing Edge.
Santa, with help from Colin, raised funds for the KSA by sharing smiles with the busy shoppers at the Michael-Angelo's Marketplace.
Thanks Santa and Colin for a wonderful smile-filled day.