Update on The Healing Cycle

Hello Everyone!
We just wanted to say a Big "THANK YOU" to everyone who helped support our dream and fundrasising for The Healing Cycle Ride. To all the riders, volunteers, and people that donated, we thank you, because with out you this couldn't have went as smoothly, or even been possible.
Our Team's total money raised was $ 15, 581, which we are overjoyed to say put our team in 3rd!

Ride DAY!



We will be Riding...


LAST DAY to Donate!

If it's Cash you plan on Donating please bring it by

The Framing Edge

tonight before 8pm!

Online Donations can still be made until tomorrow


Smiley Day!

Smiley Day Joke:

There were three men on a hill with their watches.

The first man threw his watch down the hill and it broke.

The second man threw his watch down the hill and it broke.

The third man threw his watch down the hill, walked all the way to the bottom, and caught it.

The other two men were puzzled and asked the third man how he did it.

The third man said, "Easy. My watch is 5 minutes slow!"

We Reached Our Goal!

We have achieved our Goal of raising $10,000 for the Healing with Smiles - KeepSmiling Alliance Team! Now it's time to SURPASS our goal!!

There is only 15 days until the ride!!

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Smile :)

Tomorrow Tomorrow!

Come out and see us in the Streetsville Bread and Honey Festival Parade! Tomorrow at 10am we will be out with the Hippo-Mobile and our Smiley Dancers!