About Us

Healing with Smiles - KeepSmiling Alliance
We would like to have the opportunity to help you spread smiles throughout your hospital.  How can we do that?  

Who are we?
Healing with Smiles - KeepSmiling Alliance is a registered charity, with roots in the Mississauga area.  Our philosophy is simple…laughter is the best medicine. 

We have learned how to harness the powerful benefits of laughter and humour with help from our “Healing Hippo” Buttercup.

What do we do?
We help bring hope and emotional encouragement to patients living with a life-threatening illness or those at the end stages of life.  We may not be able to cure someone’s illness, but we can never stop trying to touch their heart.

Who is Buttercup?
Buttercup is our Healing Hippo mascot.  She is a stuffed hippopotamus and comes with her own inspirational message.  We travel to hospitals, nursing homes, Palliative care units and private homes spreading our message of hope through her.

Buttercup is the brainchild of our President, Debbie Martin.  It is Debbie's strength and passion for life that is the motivation for our work.  Through her own life experiences and her drive to help others, Buttercup was born. 

How are we funded?

Healing with Smiles – KeepSmiling Alliance has a Board of Directors made up of volunteers who fundraise throughout the year to sustain our programs.

Our philosophy is simple… laughter is the best medicine.
Do you believe in the healing power of a smile? We do!

Healing with Smiles- KeepSmiling Alliance
Registered Charity # 85055 3058 RR0001