Healing Hippo Order Form

How Do We Promote Smiles?
We may not always be able to heal someone's body, but we should not stop trying to touch their heart.
Please complete this form to have a stuffed hippo (Buttercup) sent to someone you know with a life threatening illness and share a smile.

Healing with Smiles was founded to help bring hope to patients who are fighting a life-threatening illness. With the use of a big smile and our mascot “Buttercup”, the Healing Hippo, we travel to hospitals, senior centres and private homes to deliver our message of hope. There is no cost to have this hippo sent, because we fundraise throughout the year to cover the cost of the hippos and delivery charges. 

"Buttercup" inspires courage and hope in people of all ages.
Let us know of anyone who needs their spirits lifted.  We always deliver our message of hope with a great big GRIN!